Blaise van Hecke – Publisher

Blaise van Hecke owns local publishing business, Busybird Publishing in Montmorency. If you’re a budding writer or performer, you may want to take part in one of Busybird’s workshops or open mic nights and connect with like minded people in your local area! Blaise shared some insights with us about her love of books and her connection to the local environment.

How do you feel when you write?

Writing for me is a calling and often I feel out of kilter if I don’t do it. It’s very satisfying to sit down and articulate something that has been swimming around in your head.

What is the nicest thing that someone has said about your work?

This isn’t something that I’ve taken notice of, to tell the truth. I did write a short story that was compared to Kate Grenville (who is one of my favourite writers) in style, so that was a confidence boost.


How does the local area influence your work?

I grew up in the bush, so living in Montmorency feels very much like home. There’s a comfort in it, being amongst the birds and trees. I think that this relaxed environment helps gets the creativity going.

What are you most proud of in your role as writer/publisher?

I love books and I love talking to people and helping them shape their story into something that can be shared. I like to think that I’m a midwife to their book. I love being witness to the growth that a person goes through in this process.

Who is your favourite author and why?

I have a few … Tim Winton and Kate Grenville for their quintessential Australian stories.


What goals do you have for the future of your writing and for your business?

I have a few book projects in the works, so seeing them in print is high on my list. My wish is for Busybird Publishing to be regarded as a place that nurtures writing and a place to go to for people to see their publishing dreams come to life.

Which other local creative person would you like to know more about?

We like to think of our studio as a creative hub so we encourage people to drop by and use our space or to participate in the many things that happen here. Generally this is for writers but we also have visual artists come in and tell us about what they do. I’d love anyone in the community to do that.


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