Kari Hall, Artist and Creative Facilitator

When I create my work I feel very free. It always comes from a place of not knowing what I will be painting/making and I am delighted by the process as it unfolds through me.

What I love most is when someone really connects with a painting…really sees something in it that for them is healing. It is common for people to say that looking at the work feels healing and reminds them of an inner place that feels good to be reminded of.

I think just being in nature assists me to be in a creative receptive place…I love this area and I love working from home surrounded by the nature.

Traversing the Landscape by Kari Hall.

I don’t really have one particular piece that I’m most proud of…I guess there are a few that feel more significant to me and that I personally feel more connected to. I really love a work I did recently called ‘Traversing the Landscape.’ It has a wild and free yet very peaceful feel to it. And I made it mostly from egg cartons!

I love that we all inspire one another, as human beings and as artists. I’m always inspired by others work and love incorporating things that inspire me into my paintings.

Kari at work.

I am always changing and evolving as a person and with my creative ideas. I love inspiring and assisting others to free up their creativity and I see my work moving more and more in that direction. Workshops, public art pieces, art retreats – I’m passionate about these things!

I would love to know more about local artists who create using found objects and recycled things in installations and paintings. I’m very inspired by that kind of art. But really, I’d love to know about anyone who is creating art!

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