Yoga for Older Adults- Friday

Chair based yoga is for people with physical limitations who cannot find a class that is easy and safe enough for them. The structure of the class varies according to the needs of the students, combining chair and floor work to increase balance and movement. Date: 2 Feb-23 Feb (Friday) Time: 11am-12pm Cost: $15 per […]

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Flow Pilates

We will help you learn and discover everything you need to know to maximise your Pilates training and safe movement of your body.   Date:  16th Feb – 23 Mar (Friday) Time: 10:30am-11:45am Cost: $78 (6 weeks) Tutor: Monica

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Chance to Dance

An opportunity for your chid to learn skills and improve their flexibility, physical coordination and strength, gain social skills and emotional wellbeing, build resilience and be creative to explore their inner dance and movement therapy session. Date: Wednesdays during school terms Time: 4pm – 5pm Cost: $13 per class (term fee) or $15 casual Tutor: […]

September 21, 2017

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The Sister Sessions- MONDAY

Have you ever wanted to dance like Beyoncé? Learn women’s empowerment through self defence, become a knitting ninja or try something new? Sister Sessions are were we meet together on the first Monday of the month for ‘taster workshops” of different skills. This women’s group allows us to chat through the big or small issues […]

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Gypsy Fusion Dance Class- WEDNESDAY

Gypsy Dance opens a unique opportunity to discover beautiful music, most expressive movements and extreme culture. It gives you access to your spiritual core. This is a wonderful chance to try something new and exciting for all ages. Gypsy dance is influenced by many world cultures, including Indian, European, Arabic dance and music. It has […]

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Hearts in Mind: Sound Bath Meditation

What happens at a Sound Bath Meditation? There is nothing to do but relax and drift away with the sounds….. Participants are asked to arrive promptly and will be greeted by a sanctuary set with gongs, singing bowls and bells, and yoga mats. Warming tea will be offered and a place on a yoga mat […]

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DRU yoga is a heart centred, graceful, flowing, yet empowering style of yoga which channels and transforms the body’s energy system, using techniques which work gently and effectively to reduce stress and increase the sense of well-being. It can be practised by people of all ages and abilities.

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